How to keep your kids entertained on a long trip

How to keep your kids entertained on a long trip

One of the Australian dreams is to buy a caravan, pack your bags and whisk your family away for a few weeks for a trip across Australia. Although in theory this all sounds great, sometimes spending long hours in the car with younger kids can be a daunting experience. Which made us ask around about “how to keep your kids entertained on a long trip”.

We asked one of our customers who recently took a 4 week trip to the cape with 2 young kids (Ages 5 and 2) what was the best way to keep the kids entertained when on the road for hours at a time. Here is what they had to say:

“1.  Buy portable DVD players that attached to the back of the head rest. We only turned this on, when they were starting to turn after several hours or when we wanted the little one out of the way when we were packing up camp.

  1. Good ol’ fashion eye spy, keeps them entertained and great for learning.
  2. Snacks (Our little one lived off mandarins haha)
  3. They got a good education in our musical tastes and after a while knew which songs they loved and didn’t like so much
  4. Cheap little retro hand held games were good for a treat, we got “Frogga” from Target for $30

The kids actually loved the car and talking to us about the trip and what they saw and listening to music, so they were easy, the biggest thing for them was food and naps and lollipops to stretch them through. Some of the other kids on the trip needed to get out after a few hours and have a run around etc. We covered 6,300 kms all up.”

Thanks for your tips Jo and Rick!


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