Don’t forget to pay your Qld Vehicle Registration
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Don’t forget to pay your Qld Vehicle Registration

Since introducing no rego stickers in QLD in 2014, some Queenslanders have been caught out  not paying their Qld Vehicle Registration and driving an un-registered vehicle on the road.

Queensland Police use an automatic number plate recognition technology to see whether your car is registered. If it isn’t, you may get pulled over and be in for not only a hefty fine but your plates removed and you will be required to get a Safety Certificate (also known as a Road Worthy Certificate) to re-register your vehicle.

A safety certificate in Qld for motor vehicles up to 4.5t is $82.85 (as of July 2018) and can be done at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) such as BP Workshop Wellington Point. But be aware that repairs may be needed to be done to your vehicle if it doesn’t pass the inspection at an extra cost.

Currently the Queensland Government send out Registration renewal notices via mail but if you move and forget to change your address this can be easily missed. You can sign up for e-notices and e-reminders online or you can download the free app from iTunes or Google Play (for IOS users only) which will alert you when your registration is due.

If you have forgotten to pay your vehicle’s registration and need to book in for a Safety Certificate contact BP Workshop via email or on 3207 2224 to make a time to bring your car in.


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