Do I need to get my car service at the dealership?

Do I need to get my car service at the dealership?

Recently bought a new car? You may be wondering whether you have to have your car service at an authorised dealership so as not to void your car’s warranty? It is common to be misled by either your dealer, or what your log book may say, as to where you can get your car service.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says “A manufacturer’s warranty is a promise to the consumer that the vehicle will be free from defects for a certain period of time” this means that a manufacturer cannot require you to have the car serviced at a dealership so as not to void it’s warranty. It can however require you to use appropriate quality parts and servicing be by a qualified mechanic.  As long as the mechanic services your car in accordance with the logbook the warranty remains valid.

This means you can shop around for the best deal when servicing your new car. Another advantage is that when you have your car serviced at a dealership they will use “genuine” parts whereas your local mechanic can access these, as well as aftermarket  parts often at a fraction of the cost charged by the dealership. Providing you use quality parts your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

What to do next?

Shop around for the best servicing deal and stick with a trusted mechanic. You don’t have to go to an authorised dealer to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

Service your car in line with the schedule and specifications in the owner’s manual or warranty logbook.

Ask that quality parts be used for servicing (but the parts don’t have to be genuine to keep the warranty intact)

Ask the mechanic to fill in your logbook – they don’t need an authorised dealer stamp for the warranty to be valid.

If you’re choosing not to service your car through the dealership, ensure your service centre is reputable.  You can check to see if they’re a member of  the Motor Traders Association in Queensland (MTAQ)

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